Margalik DA, Chen J, Ho T, Ding L, Dhaliwal A, Doria AS, Zheng G

Bioconjugate Chemistry

DOI: 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.2c00445

Porphysomes (PS) were explored to incorporate different types of diethylenetriaminepentaacetic-acid-gadolinium-(III) (Gd-DTPA)-lipids into their bilayer membrane to assess PS potential as an MRI contrast agent. The Gd-dPS-BSA by integration of over 30% Gd-DTPA-bis(stearylamide) (Gd-DTPA-BSA)-lipids in PS construction resulted in exceptional serum stability and T1 and T2 relaxivity measurements of 13 mM–1 s–1 and 19 mM–1 s–1, respectively. The Gd-dPS-BSA demonstrated significantly enhanced retention in blood circulation with a half-life of 13.6 h and high tumor accumulation up to 19.5%ID/g at 72 h post-injection in select cancer mouse models. Additionally, Gd-dPS-BSA displayed excellent MRI tumor enhancement over 24, 48, and 72 h with contrast enhancements from the baseline of 35.8%, 38.2%, and 38.3%, respectively. Results reported here highlight a high-density incorporation of Gd-DTPA-BSA-lipids within PS, and other liposome formulations can enhance circulatory longevity, independently of particles’ concentration, suggesting effective MRI contrast agent potential for Gd-dPS-BSA and potential utility of Gd-DTPA-BSA-lipids to enhance other liposomal-influenced diagnostic and therapeutic functions.