2015 (Page 2)

Ng KK, Takada M, Jin CC & Zheng G Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2015 Porphysomes are highly quenched unilamellar porphyrin–lipid nanovesicles with structurally dependent photothermal properties. The high packing density of porphyrin molecules in the lipid bilayer enables their application in photothermal therapy, whereas the partial disruption of the porphysome structure overContinue Reading

Liu TW, Chen J, Burgess L, Wilson BC, Zheng G, Zhan L, Liu WK, & Ha BY Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015 Proteases play key roles in the regulation of normal cellular function, and thus, their deregulation leads to many disease states. Molecular beacons are promising protease-imaging probes forContinue Reading